My Patreon is where I release Polished Art Podcasts and Tutorials.

What I do:       
I make podcasts designed to help artists maintain their mental health by talking to other artists and asking them to share their stories and struggles as content creators. The aim is to create a space where artists can relate to one another and see how we’re all chasing our dreams and struggling through similar issues together as creatives. Whenever I feel like I’ve learned a new skill worthy of a deep dive, I also create full length in depth digital art tutorials.

Your Support:

By supporting me on Patreon, you get to vote on the subject of future Podcast Topics, and access to art tutorials as they become available. Podcasts get released for free on Spotify and YouTube.

Long form content is hard to monetize online: by supporting me on Patreon you’re enabling me to create more in depth material while also providing a much more stable and consistent form of income. Thanks so much for your support

My Patreon is the medium through which I can polish and go more in depth on a particular topic – be it by sharing my thoughts through a podcast or sharing a technique through longer tutorials – to compliment the more “off the cuff, as it happens” vlog style content on YouTube.